MARCH 15-22,  2018


CIGR is a unique opportunity for a residential in-depth practice of the form with a concentrated number of experienced practitioners. Our intention is to use this common language to research different areas of our expertise as dancers, body-workers, teachers, humans, citizens… Contact Improvisation, in this “Ground Research”, is not the answer to any question that we may ask: it is our way of communicating together to refine our inquiries.

As CIGR evolves, the one constant element that continues to be successful is the experience of an enlivening encounter of committed dancers. As Gretchen Spiro states, “The delight of getting to dance with other very committed (advanced) dancers.” We expect that a large part of our research material and direction will come straight from our shared physical practice.

We believe that gathering experienced dancers to work together before jams improves jams and brings a higher degree of experience and investigation into the CI culture. These exchanges work from a model regularly used in Europe and are an effective way in creating stronger bridges between working CI practitioners. We hope that the energy and excitement generated at CI Ground Research will inspire other CI communities to create research exchanges that couple with their public jams.